Travel with a sense of adventure vacation safaris in Uganda Africa and you will surely be rewarded with spectacular scenery, friendly people, enthralling birding safaris and very few other tourists competing for the same magnificent sights. Take a trip up river to encounter giant crocodiles and uncommon birds, and into the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park jungle to come face to face with chest-pounding endangered mountain gorillas on your Gorilla Safari tour in Uganda.

On this memorable Uganda safari tour, be prepared too for bumpy red-dirt roads with the game parks and bottom-numbing journeys of several hours at speeds of no more than 40 kph if you are in the north and west of the country, though these very dirt roads will surely lead you to places of clean memories. Take for example Murchison Falls National Park Uganda in the north-west (previously called the Kabalega Falls National Park) must not be left out of your itinerary.

Murchison Falls National Park is accessible on tarmac roads which would take you maximum six hours from the Capital City Kampala, here you can also make your Kampala City tour for those interested in short strips. But however just like any other of the 10 Uganda game parks, be sure to take up the red dirt roads as you enter deep into the game park.

Your Uganda safari trip will also get more interesting here, spectacular for its force not its size, Murchison Falls is the point at which the entire of the Victoria Nile directs with power through a gap only just 21 feet wide into the deservedly named ‘Boiling Pot’ making a sound of a roar. Something that one can only experience by being there, you just can’t capture fully this memorable moment on camera. An activity you can’t afford to part take in on your Safari tour to north-western part of Uganda. The memories you get here surely counts more than the dirt roads you drive through.