Game Drives/ Game Viewing.

The Uganda safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park is habitat to a wide range of animals including; lions, Rothschild Giraffes, buffaloes, bushbucks, Uganda kobs, warthogs, oribis, Jackson’s hartebeest among other wildlife that are spread across the savannah landscapes making it ideal for game viewing and impressive Uganda wildlife safaris within Murchison Falls National Park. The game viewing encounters are conducted in the northern sector of the park which is marked by open savannah grass land and thicket in some areas.

Tourist enjoying a game drive with UWA


The range of grazers thrives in the open grass land and predators tend not to be far from them which in turn open the door for impressive game viewing reencounters. In the dry season, the grass tends to be short which widens the game viewing possibilities. In the rainy season, the grass tends to grow taller posing challenges in term of wild game viewing. The tracks in the northern section are well designed targeting various wildlife species that tend to thrive in different eco-systems thus the experience that you get from taking one track is different from the one that you get on another track.

Tourists having a clear view of the elephants during a game drive


These tracks include; Victoria track, Buligi track and Albert track. The ideal game viewing is conducted in the area between Victoria Nile delta and Paraa – Pakwach road. The Buligi track is at 7km north of Paraa where the right turn takes you to Wankwar gate and continues to Chobe. The Nyamsika cliffs tend to be liked by buffaloes and groups of lions while the Nyamsika gorge contains pools of water where animals tend to congregate to drink. The cliffs are also liked by bee-eater birds and Egyptian plover. The south of the park has dense vegetation cover that makes it hard to view wild game. However, open patches along Sambiya – Karuma road provide possible sights of Kobs, Jackson Hartebeest, oribi, baboon and waterbuck. The elephants and lions can also be seen in the area but rarely. The game drives/ game viewing encounters in Murchison Falls National Park is best done in the morning at 6:30am local time and if you slept in the south, you have to catch up with the ferry crossing at 7am.
The activity is also conducted in the evening starting at 4pm local time. The duration for the game drive is 3 – 4 hours.

Land Cruiser can also be used during game drive