Activities in Murchison Falls National Park

Game Drives/ Game Viewing in Murchison Falls National Park.


The Africa adventure vacation safaris in Uganda destination of Murchison Falls National Park is habitat to a wide range of animals including; lions, Rothschild Giraffes, buffaloes, bushbucks, Uganda kobs, warthogs, oribis, Jackson’s hartebeest among other wildlife that are spread across the savannah landscapes making it ideal for game viewing and impressive Uganda wildlife safaris within Murchison Falls National Park …more

Launch Cruise on the Nile in Murchison Falls National Park 


River Nile bisects the Murchison Falls National Park for close to 115km distance while making its way from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea in the far north, a journey that makes it the longest river in the whole world …more

Birding in Murchison Falls National Uganda


Birding in Murchison Falls National Park is one of the memorable activities you can have on your adventure vacation safari tour holiday in Uganda. The park contains 451 species of birds that thrive in the varied environments within the park posing a rich ground for birding adventures in Murchison …more

Top of the falls in Murchison Falls National Park

top-of -the-falls

There are two possible ways through which a traveler on safari tour in Uganda can explore the top of the falls. One of them is hiking to the top of the falls. This is arranged by first taking a boat cruise from Paraa jetty up to the bottom of the falls and from there one disembarks on the boat and embark on the hike following the course of the Nile River as it forges its way through hard rocks crushing its head on them producing a roaring sound and a plume of spray …more

Cultural Encounters in Murchison Falls National Park


The Uganda safari destination of Murchison Falls National Park is surrounded by a range of diverse communities that reflect the tribes of Uganda. The Banyoro in the south, the Alur in the North West and the Acholi in the north east have got diverse cultural back grounds that can be encountered by travellers on Uganda safari tours …more

Sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park


Murchison Falls National Park together with Lake Mburo National Park are the only parks in Uganda where sport fishing can be conducted. Fishing along the Nile River presents ideal opportunities of catching the gigantic Nile perch along the rocky surfaces and the banks of the Nile fronting the bottom of the Murchison falls …more

Hiking and nature walks in Murchison Falls National Park


Nature walks allow Uganda safari undertakers to explore Murchison Falls National Park and the surrounding conservation Areas on foot. The trails traverse Kaniyo Pabidi forest, Rabongo forest and the delta area. The forest walks offer impressive sights of birds and primates like monkeys including black and white colobus and vervet monkeys. …more