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Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda Safaris are a top Africa tour bucket list for many travelers. A Uganda safari exposes tourist to the immense attractions in the country ranging from flora to fauna. However, before picking up your bags and setting off to tour Uganda, you must have packed well just to make sure you have all you need to have a great safari in Uganda. Here is a guide on what you need to pack for your safari in Uganda;

  1. Safari friendly clothing

Uganda is a tropical country and therefore you need to pack the right clothing. Uganda is also a third world country and therefore cultures consider wearing clothing that covers most of your body as being descent. Wearing something that exposes your body could be considered indecent. Your clothes should have colors that blend in with your environment such as brown, khaki, olive green and other dull colors because the bright colors scare animals away, blue and black colors tend to attract mosquitoes and tsetse flies.

In choosing fabric, go for that which is not easily stained, easy to hand wash and dry faster. For the ladies, a sports bra will be ideal because of the bumpiness of the rides. On a Uganda gorilla trekking safari or forest walk long sleeved shirts, gloves, long trousers, rain cloak and socks should be packed to protect against insect bites.

Uganda is not entirely sunny or hot as perceived by many; in the morning and evenings it can get quite chilly therefore you will need to carry something heavy. Wearing layers to remove or add as the weather changes is ideal. A light weight water proof jacket that can be squashed into your day pack is convenient too.

  1. Safari shoes

For your Uganda tour, remember to pack the right safari shoes. On a Uganda gorilla safari, you need good quality hiking boots that will take you through the jungle. It’s recommendable to purchase the shoes early and try them on just to make sure they are comfortable. Light weight hiking shoes, comfortable walking shoes for nature walks or hikes and sandals for the evenings at the lodge or camp are suitable. In all this, consider waterproof shoes made of material that is easy to wash without getting drenched as well as hard rubber soles such that they are not easily penetrated by thorns. For sandals, you can purchase these in Uganda, if you get in for your safari to Uganda early and have a few hours to go to a craft shop.

  1. Sun Protection Gear

The mornings and evenings can get chilly but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the sun will heat up during day. To make sure your skin is protected from the scorching sun, remember to carry sunscreen, a wide brimmed safari hat with a cord to hold it down your chin, sunglasses especially for the game drives, eye moisture drops, skin moisturizer and lip balm.

  1. Cameras and all necessary safari gadgets

Returning back home, you will only carry memories and one good way to keep a proof of your Uganda wildlife safari is by taking some quality pictures. Your safari gadgets will help capture precious safari sights and in pictures and videos. Remember to pack a camera, its charger, extra battery, memory card, binoculars and all your preferred equipment. Since you will need to have your phone battery on, remember to pack a charger for your phone.

  1. Pack Necessary Toiletries

When you safari Uganda, definitely, you will find toiletries in your preferred accommodation facility. However, it is necessary to carry along a few preferred toiletries like wet wipes which can help clean off sweat for instance after a Uganda gorilla tour before you get to your hotel for a shower. These can also be helpful during a game drive especially on a wildlife safari in Uganda in the parks of Kidepo Valley National Park and Murchison Falls National Park. For female travelers, if there will be any need of a tampon during your trip, remember to carry it since it could be difficult to find. Other toiletries to pack also include a tooth brush, shower sponge and any other necessary materials.

  1. Have a day pack

Yes you may pack your entire necessary luggage in a big bag but then you also need a day pack. A day pack helps with carrying basic equipment when you are out for a safari activity. A day pack should be one bag that carries a day’s worth of supplies including a rain cloak, lunch box toiletries, documents and safari gadgets.

  1. Your Identification Documents.

Before you step out, don’t forget your identifications they will help you during your safari. These may include, a passport, tickets, travel insurance documents, cash, necessary vaccination cards like yellow fever and any other necessary identification card.

  1. All Necessary Medications

In case of any kind of illness, don’t forget to carry along necessary medication. If you choose to tour Uganda’s hiking destinations of for instance Mountain Rwenzori or Mount Elgon, consult your doctor on altitude illness and get necessary prescription before the start of safari. It is also recommendable to carry some pain killers or diarrhea preventive medicines if you are looking forward to try out the local dishes.

Packing the right things can be the beginning of a great adventure. What You Need to Pack for Your Safari in Uganda can be much of the same for a safari in Kenya, Tanzania tour, safari in Rwanda or even a Congo tour. For Congo remember to have a Congo safari visa that permits you to visit the country.

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