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Debuted the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is host to a variety of wildlife sighted on Uganda safaris or Uganda tours that leave everlasting beautiful memories to those on safaris in Uganda. As part of the beautiful wildlife within the boundaries of this beautiful land are the Rothschild Giraffes as a clear depiction of this beauty. The Rothschild Giraffe is also known as the Nubian Giraffe, Baringo or Uganda Giraffe. This is the tallest of the land animals a tourist can sight on a Uganda wildlife safari.

About the Rothschild Giraffe

The Rothschild Giraffes are differentiated from the other Giraffe species with the fact that, they have white socks up to their knees, they have 5 horns on their heads, two of them are in the same place as other giraffes at the top of their head. The third horn is in the center of their forehead and the other two behind each ear. They are also different from other Giraffes in the coloring of the coat which consists of dark patches and then areas of creamy white through them.  In fact, their markings are along the lines of that of a leopard and the markings on their coat are as unique as the human fingerprint.

The Rothschild Giraffe is the tallest Giraffe in the world and also the tallest land animal measuring up to 6 meters in height (20 feet) when fully matured, even a newborn giraffe stands at six feet (2m) tall! The Rothschild Giraffe literally stands head and shoulders high above all of the rest of the animals a tourist can see on a Uganda safari.

Surprisingly, though they are the world’s tallest land mammal their neck contains just seven vertebrae, exactly the same as a human.

They can weigh up to 2,800 pounds, with the males weighing more than the females by several hundred pounds.

Though they portray slow movement, Rothschild giraffes are actually fast animals that can reach top speeds of 35mph (56km/h) when running over open ground.  For longer distances, the giraffe can sprint at about 10mph (16km).

They have one of the longest and most mobile tongues reaching an average length of 45.6cm which they use to strip the leaves and bark from trees on savannah plains. Its favorite food is the hideously spiky acacia

Rothschild Giraffes graze and have a series of special valves and a complicated network of elastic blood vessels in the neck, not only to prevent the animal from passing out when it bends down to drink or graze, but also to ensure that the blood is successfully pumped along its long neck to the brain.

An amazing one is that Giraffes can actually go for months without drinking liquid water; instead they receive their water via the leaves such as from acacia trees that they eat especially from the top of the trees.

Rothschild Giraffes are thriving and growing in numbers in their Natural Environment.

Its winning style comes as a result of it moving both right legs simultaneously, followed by both left legs.

 Rothschild Giraffe in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park alone is home to over 1,250 Rothschild Giraffes making it the best place to see the species during a safari in Uganda. This is the largest population of Rothschild Giraffes in the world within a single conservation area.

The best place to see the Rothschild Giraffes is on a game drive along the game track in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda where you can come across large herds of Giraffes of up to 50. There is no other place in Africa where you can see such a large number of giraffes than at Murchison Falls National Park.

Of recent, there was a translocation of Giraffes to the other side of the Nile River, therefore giraffes can now be seen on both sides of the Nile River which crosses the park and creates the world’s most powerful falls.

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Other destinations to see the Rothschild Giraffe

In Uganda, the Rothschild Giraffes can be seen on either short Uganda safaris or long tours to Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park or Lake Mburo National Park.  5 Rothschild Giraffes were taken from Murchison Falls Park and transferred to Lake Mburo National Park in order to restock the park with giraffes that were killed in the past times. The environment of Lake Mburo Park is suited for Rothschild Giraffes since there are many Acacia Trees for them to feed on.  Lake Mburo National Park is now the only park in Western Uganda with Giraffes and a good destination to tailor into a Uganda gorilla trekking safari to the further Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There are now about 20-plus Giraffes found in Lake Mburo National Park.

In Kenya they have been reintroduced in several parks and wildlife reserves and therefore one of the must see Kenya wildlife safari or tour Kenya species for tourists who visit the country.