Looking at Murchison Falls National Park Uganda as your next Uganda safari destination? Is it a Uganda birding safari/ Uganda birding safaris your interested in or just a Uganda wildlife safari tour? Well, this park is the most visited safari park in Uganda as it has a good number of Uganda safari/ Uganda tour activities in Murchison Falls National Park that amaze tourists including the famous Nile launch cruise along the River Nile. I have basically done all the activities and they are really interesting, however, the hiking is the most interesting and it is what travellers often leave out! Trust me on this, hiking is the best Murchison Falls Park safari activity as it will grant you the best view of the falls up close to the top.

Hiking is a typical active Uganda adventure safari activity that is quite exciting to do, and when it comes to Murchison Falls National Park Uganda it gets just much more than exciting because it gets you chance to get close to the world’s most powerful waterfall; Murchison Falls. Did you know Murchison Falls National Park is Uganda’s oldest and largest national park in Uganda? With several wildlife, aquatic, bird species and vegetation make this park Uganda’s number one leading safari park. Many travellers/ tourists during their Uganda wildlife safari to Murchison Falls National Park, opt to undertake game drives and boat cruises leaving out the hike to the top of the mighty Murchison Falls because they are not probably certain of what happens there. The activity is worth undertaking for a spectacular view of the mighty falls from the top.infact it will be one of your coolest memories for the time you will be in Uganda or during your  visit Uganda 

The Real Experience To The Top of Murchison Falls

The hike to the top of the falls starts from below the mighty falls that means an individual needs to include a boat cruise in their wildlife safari in Uganda itinerary. The boat cruise Uganda safari tour lasts about 2 interesting hours of beautiful scenery sighing different wildlife that you may have missed out in the park including crocodiles. After the 2 hours long, amazing boat cruise or launch trip along the River Nile you reach the bottom of the Murchison Falls where the group which is set to do the top of the falls hike get off the boat to meet the waiting ranger or hiking guide at the briefing point! Because it sets off at the briefing point, you will definitely have a briefing before you set off for your hike.

The hike starts right off at bakers’ point, at this point Sir Samuel Baker, a famous explorer of that time, stood on a huge rock to declare the beautiful falls in 1864 as Murchison Falls, a name known for the park till date. Here you will also stand at that point. You then start the hike along with a guide to the top of the falls as they help you respond to all of your questions and explain certain features. One of most amazing facts here is the white form made by the water as it gushes out, this form isn’t made by the pressure by the water but by the leaves that fall and decompose in the water and after mix with some rock mineral forming the white form. Here you take several pictures of the falls then continue.

The 45- an hour hike then starts taking you to a long stretch of steps that you will keep ascending until you reach the top. The hike takes you to different points that give you better and better views of the falls. As you ascend, the sister falls known as Uhuru fall” suddenly comes into clear view. Uhuru fall was formed as a result of breaking away of water from the Murchison falls, forming another fall right at the time of Uganda’s independence in 1962 hence giving it the name “Uhuru”, a Kiswahili word that means independence. After about 45minutes, you finally get to the top of the falls and wow! You’ve made it. At the top, you have a rewarding view of the spectacular falls with the fresh air and colourful rainbow. You meet your Uganda safari/ tour Uganda driver guide at the top who then transfers you to your lodging facility to rest from the hike.

A hike to the top of Murchison Falls is a rewarding activity that any tourist can incorporate into their Uganda wildlife tour to the park. Our popular 3 Days Murchison Falls Safari Uganda offers you this experience. In Uganda, it’s always rewarding to undertake a boat cruise on safari especially in Queen Elizabeth National Park where you will have a glimpse of the largest school of hippopotami in Africa. If you are planning a safari to Murchison Falls, a hike to the top of Murchison Falls should be put into your itinerary for a much rewarding experience.

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