Top Of The Falls

There are two possible ways through which a traveler on safari tour in Uganda can explore the top of the falls. One of them is hiking to the top of the falls. This is arranged by first taking a boat cruise from Paraa jetty up to the bottom of the falls and from there one disembarks on the boat and embark on the hike following the course of the Nile River as it forges its way through hard rocks crushing its head on them producing a roaring sound and a plume of spray. There is a narrow path that leads you to the top of the falls.

Beautiful view of the falls


Alternatively, the top of the falls can be explored by driving there. The 15km drive starts by branching off from the Masindi – Paraa road close to Sambiya River lodge. The drive requires careful driving as it passes through steep and slippery landscapes. Encountering the top of Murchison Falls which is the most powerful water fall in the world is one of the rewarding encounters you can have while on safari tours in Uganda. One marvel at the impressive Nile River squeezing its self to pass through a less than 8m gorge before falling 43m below to what has been termed as the Devil’s Cauldron forming a plume of spray surrounded by a thunderous roar marked by a trade mark rainbow. This feature has been termed as the most significant natural wonder to ever happen on the course of the Nile. The site has impressive opportunities for photography and one would need like 2 hours to explore it while on Uganda safaris and tours.

Rainbow view at the top of Murchison Falls

top-of -the-falls