Hiking and Nature Walks

Nature walks allow Uganda safari undertakers to explore Murchison Falls National Park and the surrounding conservation Areas on foot. The trails traverse Kaniyo Pabidi forest, Rabongo forest and the delta area. The forest walks offer impressive sights of birds and primates like monkeys including black and white colobus and vervet monkeys. The 2 – 4 hour walk to the Victoria Nile delta offers you possibilities of encountering the rare and vulnerable shoebill stork considered the water is low.

L’Hoest’s Monkey


A hike in the afternoon taking about 45minutes to the top of the falls traversing savannah woodland present a complete different experience of the splendid Murchison Falls.

The encounter brings all travellers senses together to wonder about the Nile River squeezes it’s self through a less than 8m chasm listening to the roaring sound, watching the plume of spay and the strength of water force beneath the travellers feet. Other short treks start from Sambiya River lodge, at Mubako junction on the southern side of the River or a walk along the northern bank of the Nile passing by the Emmy River which tend to take 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Tourits enjoying a a nature walk