Murchison falls national park is Uganda’s most popularly visited park and this is because of the many attractions and activities in the park. No tourist wishes to miss an opportunity to safari the world’s most powerful waterfall surrounded by amazing wildlife and beautiful birds. When there’s a lot to do then there’s a lot more of what to do in Murchison Falls National Park.

What to do in Murchison Falls National Park Uganda

What to do in Murchison Falls National Park

Bird watching in Murchison Falls National Park

Bird watching

The vast savannah plains of Murchison Falls national park are home to numerous bird species that make Uganda birding safaris memorable. Bird species to be sighted in Murchison falls national park by each birder who has the park in their bucket list include savannah forest birds like Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Red-Throated Bee- Eater and Denham’s bustard. Water birds like the Pelicans, Darters and Various Heron species, Albertine rift endemics and the elusive shoebill are a must tick on your bird list. Birds are best and easily spotted in the dry season.


Migratory bird species in Murchison include Abdims Stork, Eurasian Harrier, Common Teal, Northern Sholver and many more.

Sport Fishing

What to do in Murchison Falls National Park

Sport fishing in Murchison Falls National Park

Sport fishing at the banks of the Nile below Murchison Falls offer a great challenge to anglers (fishermen who use the angling fishing technique). In the strong oxygenated Nile currents is the Nile perch. Fishing is permitted in designated sites after prior booking that can be done by a tour operator at the Uganda Wildlife Authority offices. Those interested in doing fishing when they safari Uganda’s Murchison Falls National Park are urged to carry their own fishing equipment, a huge catch could actually be made.

Cultural encounters

Uganda has diverse cultures and in any direction of the country you won’t miss to encounter a different and unique culture. Cultural encounters can be experienced during the evening chill with the energetic dancers from Mubako performers who perform around camp fires giving you a magical cultural experience as the realities of the African life unfold just in front of you. This also depends how you plan on where to stay in Murchison Falls National Park since many of the accommodation facilities have cultural entertainment in the evenings.

Game Drives

Game drives through the park give a clear view of the wild game and best opportunity to take your memorable pictures close to wildlife. The tour ranger or guide takes the tourists to where they can find a pride of lions and fortunately the leopard in the evening. Game drives are the perfect way of viewing wildlife.

What to do in Murchison Falls National Park

Game drive in Murchison Falls National Park

A hike to the top of Falls

Hiking to the top of the falls on the 43m (141ft) rift valley wall from the base for about 45minutes is excruciating but anyway, what awaits you at the top is a whole beautiful new world. The hike takes you through a narrow footpath on the strong impermeable rocks that have stood in the course of the Nile River for centuries. Nature walks during the hike is the best way to explore the attractions in Murchison Falls National Park without missing anything with the close views of each attraction.

Boat Cruise

The launch trips along the Nile below the spectacular waterfall, is a lifetime memory of the best adventure tour in Uganda with a very rare experience of that hair-raising moment when you cruise past the hippos. There two boat cruises one that goes upstream from Paraa giving a memorable frontal view of the falls departing at 9am and 2pm daily for three hours. The other boat goes downstream to the Nile Albert delta with the best chance of sighting a shoebill for about 4-5 hours. A sundowner boat cruise at 5;30pm gives a classic view of an equatorial sunset reflected on the river.

These activities are what create the memories, don’t just plan how to get to Murchison Falls National Park but remember to prepare for the activities to be done there.