Murchison River Lodge

Located on the boundaries of the southern sector of the park, Murchison River Lodge is a midrange establishment with provision for budget travellers. Accommodation is provided in thatched cottages, safari tents that are thatched and comfortable camping.

Murchison River Lodge has four (4) thatched cottages that are spacious which are uniquely designed featuring double beds upstairs along with two single beds and not forgetting en suite down stairs. The cottages feature an expansive veranda that overlooks the wilderness. This accommodation arrangement is ideal for families where four (4) adults and two extra children can spend an overnight when on safaris and tours in Uganda. The cottages feature air conditioning, solar lights, linen, mosquito nets and towels.

Murchison River lodge also has thatched safari tents perched on ground in the wilderness that overlooks the Nile River. The tents feature an outside area with safari chairs and table where guests can relax and have look of the wilderness. The lodge has six (6) safari tents where four of these are twin and the other two have provision for a third bed thus making triple rooms. The tents are close to flowing Nile River thus the lodge desists from permanent flushing toilets however the tents are self-contained with chemical toilets and bush showers. The thatched tents feature wooden doors unlike zips, bed linen, solar lights however they do not have air conditioning and fan.

Murchison River lodge also has five (5) tents offering comfortable camping set on a vast ground a distance from the main lodge and the River. The tents are not self-contained though with clean communal ablutions. There is also a provision for self-catering. The tents have linen, towels, and solar lights but do not have fans or air conditioning.

Murchison River lodge also offers provision for self-camping for travellers on Uganda safaris and tours that travel with their camping equipment. It has a car park, two Kitchen areas along with a fire pit and seating. There is a communal ablution block.

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